AGFG Fouratefive Review


Recently refurbished, four ate five café remains as popular as ever with loyal Sydney crowds, found on Crown Street in Surry Hills. The design is simple and the feel is snug; local artwork hangs from cream walls and the buzz of cheery conversation fills the room with a warm ambiance as friends share communal tables or slide into booths. Once revived with a coffee using the Killerbee bean blend from Single Origin Roasters, take a glance at the menu for a myriad of alluring dishes. For an all day breakfast, try a classic like French toast, stuffed with banana and served with dulce de leche, mascarpone and a nut crumble, or for a savoury lunch pick, delv

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Sydney on Sunday

I last reviewed fouratefive almost four years ago and I’ve been aching to return.  Our timing was impeccable this morning.  Arriving just before 10am to a full house, my name was the first on the list.  This was a good thing because the crowd sure did start to swell.  And once you have a spot on this list, you don’t want to let it slip. Four Ate Five is by no means a small establishment with a bank of tables outside, a long interior and courtyard to the rear.  They also have the staff to cope with any number of guests ensuring that everyone is kept happy.

Served quickly, hot, bold and with a distinct aroma – that’s the coffee (regular $3.8

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Good food

In a suburb that’s spoilt for choice, the weekend queue outside Four Ate Five begins to form early. That’s usually a good sign but it could also be just that buzz creates buzz and the locals would rather queue for something popular than brave a place with a few empty tables. Or a bit of both.

At this busy, unpretentious cafe on Crown Street, the food, the coffee and the tea offerings are all very good. Fresh, high-quality produce and a generous attitude to feeding its customers keep people coming back. Incidentally, the music is good, too – the staff play immortal David Bowie and Rolling Stones albums, which pump out over the noise of the coffee machine and t

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Broadsheet Sydney

Watching the goings on at Four Ate Five through their Crown Street doorway is fascinating – kind of like watching someone host a party in a walk-in wardrobe. Blurs of coloured socks, mismatched floral prints and tattooed arms crash into one other as the staff try to accommodate each new arrival and as they deliver plates of food to tables.

The crowd might be mismatched here, but they’re often happy to share

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Time out

You read that right: it’s a five-star review. And if you’re wondering how on earth a little Surry Hills café could possibly stand up to the likes of Quay, Rockpool or Tetsuya’s – well, it doesn’t. That’s why we have a separate cafés category in Time Out: so we can rate coffee shops, bakeries and other non-restaurant establishments on their own terms. So here it is – our first five-star café review.

Why is this unassuming place pretty much kicking the arse of every other café in town right now? Well, they’re doing exceptional food, great juices (watermelon, lemon and mint, say, or apple, pineapple and mint), Single Origin coffee, and although t

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